Produce – Certified Organic & Biodynamic

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Cowberry Crossing Farm grows their large and varied market garden according to the guidelines of Organic and Biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamics was the first ecological farming system to arise in response to commercial fertilizers and specialized agriculture. It is the highest form of organic and sustainable farming yielding maximum soil health. Optimum soil health fosters a healthier environment and more nutritious plants which of course lead to healthier animals and human beings.

A fundamental tenet of biodynamic agriculture is that food raised biodynamically is nutritionally superior and tastes better than foods produced by other methods. Perhaps the most recent example supporting this is the notably large increase of biodynamic practices employed on vineyards for wine production.

Essentially, biodynamics is the most sustainable, balanced and holistic method of farming. It incorporates many of the ideas of organic practices, but demands much higher and stricter standards. All of the farming components in biodynamic practices should come from the farm itself, creating a closed system. For example, the manure we use comes from our animals (born and bred on our farm) that we know are healthy, humanely treated, and are fed the best possible diet from our farm. Click here to see where you can get our fresh, local produce.

Our Harvest Schedule offers a general idea of what produce is available from the farm as the season progresses.