Bulk Beef


Whole Cow
4.50/lb hanging weight

Half Cow
4.75/lb hanging weight

Quarter Cow
5.00/lb hanging weight

“I purchased a quarter beef from you back in April. We hosted many gatherings throughout the summer and I’m afraid we’re almost out of beef!  It was so delicious and my family and I feel so much more at ease knowing that our beef is coming to us from a nearby farm and not some big huge processing plant.”      -Jennifer M.

“Just wanted to tell you I’ve tried a few different local grass fed beef sources over the years and your beef is by far the best we’ve eaten, the flavor is incomparable, your hard work definitely shows through the quality. Thanks again! ”       -Nina D.

“We just cooked [your] turkey last night, and it was fabulous! Looking forward to leftovers today and this week! Thanks again, and I look forward to being in touch about next Thanksgiving.”        -Lauren J.


Hanging weights vary, usually 500-600 pounds. Butcher costs (additional) are approximately 1.10/lb hanging weight. The meat that you take home is approximately half of the hanging weight. The beef is cryovaced, labelled and pre-cut. For reference, an eighth of a cow fits in the freezer compartment of a standard refrigerator.  Many customers with freezer space constraints share bulk beef orders with family and friends.

We can bring the quarter cow to the Pleasantville Farmers Market in Westchester for pick-up on Saturday mornings or customers are welcome to pick up their beef on the farm by appointment. Cash or credit cards accepted.

Typical Cuts in an Order:

Ground Beef
Boneless Sirloin Steak
Sirloin Tip Steak
Stew Beef
Porterhouse Steak
Chuck Roast
Short Ribs
Top Round

Chuck Steaks
Beef Bones
NY Strip Steak
Rib Steak
Filet Mignon
Flat Iron Steak
T- Bone Steak
Organ Meats (if desired)







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