Ron Breland


Ron has been a gardener all his life and a beekeeper since 1973. He has regularly lectured since 1996 at organic conferences, garden clubs, beekeeping workshops and schools. He and his wife own Bumps & Company, an eco-friendly, sustainable, specialty nursery in West Nyack, New York.

bee 1

Ron has established  “The Bee Sanctuary” in both West Nyack and Clavarack, NY, These locations are dedicated to the development of sustainable beekeeping practices, the use of non-toxic controls, and the search for alternative hive designs for environmental stress reduction.

Ron has developed and is presently researching a spherical hive patterned after ancient designs, especially the dodecahedron of Pythagoras, to which he has added modern features suggested by the work of the sculptor, Constantine Brancusi and others.